10 Amazing Home Theatre Room Design Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to home theatre room design. This is one area of your home that you can customise to create the viewing experience that best suits your style. Going into your home theatre is supposed to be a transformative experience; it is a place to lay down your working gears and just relax. This is why we highly encourage going all out when it comes to your home cinema room.  

Turn your home into a sanctuary that you will fall in love with over and over again with these amazing home theatre room design ideas.  

Make It Modern 

If you want a clean and sleek design, going for the modern look is the perfect choice. The world we live in today is full of technology, the problem is, sometimes we don’t want to see that technology. In a lot of modern home theatre designs you might see big flat screens on clean walls, and not much else. Due to technologies like Acoustically Transparent Screens, we are able to place Speakers behind the screen keeping the walls and floor-space clean. With Clever use of wall-panels, or some creative Cabinetry, the components can also be hidden, leaving you with a room of Big picture, Big sound, but no clutter, just like if you were at the movies.  

Show Your Love for Sports 

Are you a huge sports lover? Why not bring in some of your most prized sports memorabilia and display them on the wall. Have a little bar set-up in the back of the room so the beers are never too far out of reach. With the right lighting and seating systems, this home theatre setup can be the perfect place to unwind with some mates, kick back, and watch the footy. 

All Tickets on Deck! 

Is your backyard deck feeling stale? Spruce up your backyard deck with a little Outdoor Theatre. Your deck can be transformed into a fully functional retro outdoor home theatre by simply adding some cosy seating and a dedicated popcorn booth for the audience (aka your family and friends). Have a professional home theatre technician set up a projector and screen that are safe for outdoor viewing, maybe even a portable system that you can dismantle easily for those colder months. Now, you can enjoy those warm weekend nights outdoors without having to leave home.  

Revamp Your Spare Rooms 

Kids all grown up and moved out? Chances are their old room is just sitting collecting dust from years of not being used. Why not make the most of it? Make that room serve a purpose of happiness again and turn it into your own Entertainment Sanctuary. Go on, treat yourself, your kids won’t mind. 

Live Out Your Sci-Fi Dreams 

Big Sci-Fi fan? Your Home Theatre should be the one room in the house where you can let your imagination run wild. Futuristic looking home theatres are all the rage and with things like LED Lighting, decorative Acoustic Panels, twinkling stars on the ceiling, it’s never been easier to accomplish. Now sit back and relax as your Home Theatre transports you to a Galaxy far, far away.  

Relax in the Pool While You Watch 

If you are craving for yet another outdoor adventure, why not combine pool and movies together? If you have got a pool in your home already, converting it into a home theatre should be pretty easy. You can watch while floating around the pool, or you can watch while lounging in daybeds around the pool area. A large and portable screen and projector can be installed at any place around the pool, so nobody misses a thing.  

Got a Micro-Apartment? No Problem! 

Even if you’ve got a micro-apartment, you can still set up a complete home theatre system. With the help of a professional home theatre technician, you can add a moving wall panel that can divide sections in your apartment. Now, you can enjoy a dedicated section for relaxing with a loved one.  

Amp Up Your Gaming Experience Too! 

For all the gamers out there, we’ve got you covered. With the right Speaker Setup you can be completely immersed in your game of choice. Feel like you’re in the stadium as slot in the winning goal to win the World Cup. Hear where every shot comes from in Fortnite. Never be snuck up on again in Call of Duty. With Sound modes like Dolby Atmos available in most current Amplifiers, 3 Dimensional sound might give you that edge you’ve been looking for to bring home the win.  

Make It Hidden 

Want a Home Theatre but don’t have a spare room to dedicate entirely to a home cinema? Why not create a dual space. Screens and Projectors can be mounted and hidden in ceiling spaces. One minute your room is a casual living area, and the next, with a simple press of a button the lights are off, the Blinds are down and it’s Movie Time. 

Deluxe Experience for the Home Executives 

We understand that work might be the last thing on your mind when you think of having a home theatre. But for all the business-minded homeowners out there, you might fancy the idea of an executive design for your home cinema room. This combines the formalities of a business setting with leather chairs and antique design accents.  

Home Cinema Room Design & Installation Projects

For some inspiration, take a look at some of our home cinema room design & installation projects in Sydney.

Take Your Pick! Explore More Home Theatre Room Design Ideas with Sydney City Audio Visual  

Sydney City Audio Visual is your one-stop-shop for all things related to home theatre and audio visual technology solutions. We love nothing more than helping clients turn their custom home theatre room design ideas into a reality. For home theatre installation in Sydney, work with us today and live out your home theatre dreams as well. 

10 Amazing Home Theatre Room Design Ideas

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