10 Signs You Need a Home Theatre Installation in Sydney 

One of everyone’s favourite pastimes is watching movies. Whether that means going to the cinemas with your friends or getting curled up on your couch and watching on your TV. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could have that Cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home? 

You might be thinking a Home Theatre installation is a bit extravagant, and too expensive. And sure, it can be very expensive depending on the level you want to go to, but these days the price of technology is just getting lower and lower, and a Home Theatre is a lot more affordable than it has been in the past. 

Another common road-block we face is that people believe they just won’t spend enough time in their Home Theatre Room to justify the Investment. These thoughts are quickly put to bed as soon as the client see’s and hears their brand new Theatre for the very first time. Never once have we gone back to a job and had the client say, “oh we very rarely use the Cinema”, it’s the complete opposite. Every single time, without fail, our clients express just how much they love the Dedicated Theatre Room and wish they had done it earlier. Once you have experienced it, there’s no going back. 

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should go forward with your Home Theatre Installation. 

Bigger Screen 

No one can deny that watching movies from your TV is fun and convenient. But what if for the same price as a 75” TV, you could have a 120” Screen with a projector? As we start getting to the 80” point and beyond, a Large Screen with Projector becomes a lot more economical, and really gives you that Cinema Vibe. 

Turn Up the Volume  

When people are thinking about going to the Movies, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of the screen, but what about the Audio. The screen size is impressive, but the Audio is what really captivates the viewer and brings them into the Story of the movie. How many times have you been in the Cinemas and a sudden loud noise makes you jump out of your seat? There’s no denying it, the sound is what truly captivates the Audience when watching a movie. Wouldn’t you like to have this experience in your own home? A dedicated Theatre Room with the right Acoustic Treatment means you can have this experience, no matter what time of day or night it is, and all without bothering the rest of the house. 


Lounges are fine, but how good would it be to have the gold class experience at home? Recline back as far as you want, kick off your shoes, wear your pyjamas if you want. Why not? After all, it is your house. 

No Disturbance  

There’s nothing more annoying than a Cinema full of people, chatting away throughout the whole movie. But not at your house. In your Home Theatre, you’re the boss, and you have the power to deal with any unwanted chit-chat.  


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch a movie, munching down on a bucket of popcorn that didn’t cost more than a movie ticket? In your Home Theatre, why not incorporate a snack Bar? A small popcorn machine and a Bar fridge will keep the treats coming the whole movie. 

Bathroom Breaks  

Don’t you wish you could pause a movie when you need to go to the Bathroom? It always seems to come up at the worst possible time. Then when you get back you have to ask the person next to you what happened while you were gone, and all of a sudden, you’re the annoying chit-chatter. Well not in your Home Theatre you’re not. The control of the movie is at your finger-tips. Just press pause, go to the bathroom, and maybe grab yourself another sneaky cup of popcorn on the way back in. 

Always Open  

No longer do you have to worry about what time the movie starts. Am I going to find Parking? Do I have enough time to wait in line at the snack bar? With your very own home Theatre you can just cruise on in at whatever time suits and never miss the start of the movie. On top of that, no ads is pretty good too. 

Not Just for Movies  

In your Home Theatre, you are the boss of the content. Imagine going to the Cinemas to watch the State of Origin, it would be almost as good as being there. In your Home Theatre, you can. Into gaming? Call of Duty or Fortnite on a 140” Screen with Surround Sound is a pretty fun way to play. 

Ready to Host  

Hopefully you like entertaining. Because as soon as your Home Theatre is up and running, your place is going to be volunteered for all the big events. Whether that’s the release of a new movie, or the next big UFC Fight night, it’s on at your place. 


Getting a Home Theatre can be expensive, but the value it can add to a home can make it very worthwhile. If you are selling, leave a Dolby Atmos Demo loop playing in your Home Theatre during the open home, and you can bet that That’s the room that’s going to fetch the most attention. Once people have seen and heard your Home Theatre, it will be at the front of their mind, and they will want it for themselves. 

10 Signs You Need a Home Theatre Installation in Sydney

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