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Home Theatre

Home Theatre is defined as an Audio and Video equipment set-up, in a room of your home, designed to emulate a Movie Theatre Experience. When designed properly it can provide an even better Movie experience than going to your local Cinema.

Audio, just like light, is directional. What you are looking for in a good Home Theatre set-up is correlation between Sight and Sound.

We should be able to hear something coming from behind, over our shoulder, and know exactly where it is going to appear on screen before we see it.

The larger the room, the harder this “sweet spot” is to find. A perfect Home Theatre set-up should not only be loud, but accurate as well.

The design possibilities of a home theatre are endless. Whether you want to go with a vintage look, or a Sci Fi theme, even add a Star Ceiling complete with shooting stars to give that outdoor feel we can do it all.

You really are limited only by your imagination.

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Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio is becoming much more popular as time goes by. Gone are the days of having to plug in an iPod into a dock to play through some speakers in the corner of a room.

Thanks to wireless technology and the introduction of Streaming Audio Apps such as Spotify, Tidal, iHeart Radio etc, a world of music really is at your fingertips.

Now imagine playing that music effortlessly through some flush-mounted speakers in the ceiling, or some Rock speakers placed in the Garden around the pool.

Now you’re really ready to party.

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Universal Remote Controls

Universal remote controls are an absolute must for every household, especially if you have multiple devices. How many times have you thought, “I’d love to watch a movie right now”, only to be greeted by an intimidating number of remotes, and no idea which one does what?

We see it everyday. With a Universal remote, custom programmed to operate your personal AV equipment, you can put all the other remotes in a box and forget about them. On a Universal Control, we program for simple ‘One Touch’ operation of AV Equipment. Simply press “Watch Foxtel” on the remote and watch the magic happen.

The TV will turn on, and switch to the correct HDMI input, the amplifier will turn on and switch to the correct Audio input, now the control has changed to the next page and become a Foxtel controller.

Finished watching? Simply press the System Off button, place the remote in the charging cradle, and feel comfortable that the next time you want to relax in front of the TV, your experience will be just as simple.

Universal controls really do take the intimidation out of what can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating time.

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Home Automation

Home Automation is the idea of integrating all of your home’s essential technology needs. It is the control of everything via the use of your personal Smart Device, sensors, timers, motion detection, even your voice, or a combination of all of these.

Home Automation can be as simple as having the outside lights turn on at a certain time. You might be at work and want to warm the house so it’s comfortable when you get home.

Maybe you are in your Home Theatre and need some more popcorn, pause the movie and have the lights automatically dim up to 50% so you can find the door and get your snack.

Accidently left the remote on top of the microwave? No problem, simply say “play movie” and have the lights dim back down and the movie start again.

Home Automation brings together your Audio/Video equipment, Security, Air conditioning, Lighting, Irrigation system, almost anything can be brought together to give you the Ultimate Smart Home.

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