Everything You Need to Know About Audio-Visual Automation 

Gone are the days when a home’s audio visual system simply consists of a television. Nowadays, audio-visual systems in the house are more than capable of doing things beyond displaying entertainment shows for the family. With the constant stream of innovations in today’s world, audio-visual devices that we have at home can be converted into something more powerful. Such is the wonder of audio visual automation.  

Have you been thinking about joining the trend and getting your home AV systems automated? If you are planning to automate your home’s AV systems, here are some things you should know about audio visual automation.  

What are Audio Visual Systems? 

An audio visual system is an electronic media composed of both sound and visual components. These components can be anything from film and television programs to corporate conferencing and presentations. Devices like television and mobile phones are essential in conveying these audio-visual components to the audiences’ homes or offices.  

Our homes are ridden with smart devices full of features, but the question is, are you making the most of these features? Over the last few years, home automation has become extremely popular. What used to be just something you would expect to see on Start Trek is now readily available in your own home. AI devices, Smart Lighting, all integrating with your TV and speakers, it really is a brave new world we are living in.  

Why is automation important? 

Many companies have been throwing the word “automation” around, but what is it exactly?  Automation is all about bringing multiple components and controlling them, without controlling them, if that makes sense. A finely tuned Automated home should do almost everything you need it to do, without raising a finger. 

Add a futuristic touch to your Home Theatre Systems.  

We all need a little piece of entertainment after coming home from work. So why not amp up the fun with an automated home theatre system? Rather than fumble around with 5 different remote controls, imagine walking into your home theatre, telling it to play your favourite movie, and like magic your Projector and amplifier turn on, and the lights start to dim over the next 20 seconds giving you just the right amount of time to sink into your favourite seat and truly relax. 

Whether you want a system that blends with your interior decor or a dedicated personal theatre that puts the local cinema to shame, the possibilities are endless! Automated home theatre systems are designed with the users’ needs in mind. Voice control isn’t for everyone, so how about a universal remote that can control the entire system with just a click. No more tinkering about when you’re trying to get ready for a relaxing movie night.  

Make your Digital Music Systems pop a little more! 

Wouldn’t it be great to have your favourite music on without having to pick up your phone? With the right equipment, your system can detect who’s car just pulled in the driveway and start your favorite music playing before you reach the front door 

Transform your house with an Automation System. 

Aside from levelling up your entertainment experience, Automation can also be used to control and monitor your Air Conditioning, Lighting, Irrigation, Alarm and house security cameras . The possibilities are endless. Through an application or interface, you can manage and control all these services with just a touch. Or if you’re the kind of person who forgets to water the garden for example, set up a schedule and you will never have to worry about it again. Even if you are across town or on the other side of the world, you can keep track of what is happening at home through the magic of a fully integrated Smart Home. 

Organise your Data Wiring and Wi-Fi Networks 

Most Audio visual automation technologies rely on a strategic network wiring infrastructure and high-quality Wi-Fi systems to work properly. When you set up your home for a complete audio visual automation system, good providers will be keen to check your existing data wiring and Wi-Fi networks. Are they up to speed to the latest industry standards?  

Your Ethernet and/or WiFi network is absolutely Critical  for maximum reliability with the majority of today’s smart technologies, so it really does pay to make sure it’s done right. 

Learn more about Audio Visual Automation today. 

Sydney City Audio Visual has been servicing homes in the Sydney area and beyond with quality audio visual automation systems as they have been becoming available. Our audio visual technicians in Sydney are committed to giving each client the home AV automation experience they deserve. Years of experience have shown us that these technologies, when used properly, can truly benefit and bring in more ease and convenience to the lives of our clients. Why not experience it for yourself?  

Discover endless possibilities with the right AV automation provider. If you wish to learn more about audio visual automation, jump over to the Contact Us page and give us a yell. 

Everything You Need to Know About Audio-Visual Automation

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