Home Automation


Home automation – something that was once just a distant dream, something you would only see in sci-fi movies – is now accessible to Aussie homeowners like you. Through these emerging technologies, you can unlock a level of convenience like never before. 

If you are ready for a complete smart home automation transformation, call Sydney City Audio Visual — your home automation solution provider in Sydney. We are here to bring home automation to Sydney residences. Here’s how: 

We are committed to making your life easier. 

Our mission is to make your life as easy as possible through home automation. In our initial consultation it’s our job to identify your requirements. Generally this would start with a basic walkthrough of a typical day at your place – What time are you up for the gym, when do the kids need to leave for school, what time do you get home from work, and so on. Next we need to determine what systems you want to integrate –  Will it be Lighting? Audio Visual? Security? Air Conditioning? Irrigation? All of the above? This allows us to design a system that will truly elevate everyday living.  

Experience a new level of efficiency. 

Picture this – as the sun comes up your home is filled with light, soothing music from your favorite playlist. The outside lights turn off and your Blinds begin to open. You climb out of bed and head towards the bathroom, no need for your dressing gown, the Air conditioning started warming the house 30 minutes before sunrise. You step out of the shower and reach for your towel, which has been warming on the heated towel rail since you stepped through the bathroom door. You head off to work for the day and the house goes to sleep. You get home that evening, drive through the gate and the lights begin to turn on. The garage door opens, you park the car and walk in the house, once again greeted by your favorite tunes and a comfortable temperature. This, is smart home automation. 

All for a price that fits your budget.  

Sydney City Audio Visual offers full house automation that fit all kinds of budgets. Whether you want to go conservative or lavish in your home automation setup, we have got you covered.

Consult with reliable home automation solution providers! 

As technology progresses, DIY Home automation systems are becoming more readily available. But good quality components are only one part of the equation. No matter how good your devices are, without the proper setup, they can become more of a hindrance rather than be helpful. Most people’s DIY setups are only functioning at a fraction of their full potential, why not get in a professional to really make the most of your money.  

Here at Sydney City Audio Visual, we aim to deliver top-notch services in home automation in Sydney. Get a full house automation now, contact our expert audio visual technician in Sydney today.