Multi-Room Audio


Have you been wanting an audio system that does more than just play music? Are you looking for a way to take your podcasts to any part of the house? Listen to your favourite music and tune in to podcasts you love with a multi-room home audio system.

Create Your Very Own Music Sanctuary 

Love listening to the latest songs and podcasts? Setting up a multi-room audio system in your home can turn it into a music hub that you will surely enjoy. The best part is that you can choose which rooms to include and which rooms to leave out. You also have free rein on which devices to integrate with your very own multi-room home audio system. 

If you want a whole home music experience, then you can have your audio system cover every inch of your home. But if you are budget-conscious, there are also options that are suitable for every budget. Pick the devices that you prefer, add features that you want to integrate – the possibilities are endless! 


Enjoy Music with Family and Friends 

Make occasions more special with an audio system that plays your favourite tunes while wining and dining with the people that matter most to you. Multi-room home audio systems allow maximum customization options, which also means that you can integrate wireless components into your system. Now, you can enjoy family bonding time without having to adjust music from a laptop or manual music player. You can control everything from your phone and enjoy the rest of the night with no fuss.  

Wind Down to Your Favourite Podcasts 

Podcasts are great when you are doing chores around the house or when you are simply winding down for sleep. Enhance your podcast experience by bringing it anywhere with you in the house! Your tasks remain uninterrupted without having to fumble around with headphones. Listening before bed? No problem, set up a sleep timer and your podcast takes a break while you catch some well needed Z’s. 

Experience the Power of Voice Command 

There are multiple features that you can integrate with custom wireless multi-room audio systems. These features include closed mesh networks, Bluetooth connectivity, offline functionality, and the newest trend, voice command. Thanks to AI assistants such as Amazon Alexa, and Google home, controlling your Audio systems with your voice is now a reality. Turn the music on and off, control the volume, and shuffle through your favorite content with just the power of your voice!   

Never Miss a Beat with Multi-Room Home Audio Systems 

There are so many systems available on the market right now. Whichever you choose, make sure you are working with a reputable provider in your area to get the best multi-room audio system that’s truly for you. After all, having the chance to customize your multi-room home audio system is one of the best things about installing one in the first place. Get it right first time round. 

Whether you want music on blast 24/7 or some nice background audio over a home cooked meal,  having a multi-room audio system will be an absolute joy. To experience the best multi-room audio system, trust quality. Trust Sydney City Audio Visual, the leading Audio Visual technician in Sydney.