Universal Remote Control


Do you have multiple remotes you have to sort through every time you want to turn on the telly? You probably find it inconvenient to try to figure out which one controls which device every single time. You could always slap  a label on them and leave a set of instructions next to the TV, but is that really convenient?  

Thanks to the innovative technologies of today, you don’t have to put up with multiple remotes anymore. Why not let us provide you with a simple to use Universal Remote Control that will turn on your system with the touch of a single button. With the best universal controls on the market, custom programmed to suit your existing AV system, you’ll never need a set of old instructions ever again. They’re so easy to use even Nan can figure it out.

Take a Step into the Future Today 

Universal remote controls are neat and simple solutions that can end the inconvenience of juggling multiple remotes at once. By installing one in your own home, you can control all of your devices, with the single press of a button. But that’s not all.  

How Can Sydney City Audio Visual Help?  

Sydney City Audio Visual has a mission to bring comfort in your homes through smart technology systems. Aside from designing breathtaking home theatre systems, we can also help out with home automation and universal remote control installations. These systems are designed to bring ease and control to the users, and finally give them the confidence to use their Entertainment system to it’s fullest potential.  

Convenience Like No Other  

Sydney City Audio Visual is committed to providing convenience like no other. Following this core purpose, we make sure our Universal Remote Controls and other related products can hold up to that promise of convenience. As your AV System evolves, so too can your Control System, and with features like remote programming, making changes has never been easier.  

Have complete control over your Entertainment, smart TVs, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Irrigation, Security, Even your Pool and Spa with just a simple click. Best of all, finally have the peace of mind that everything is going to work when you need it to work. 

Simple, Yet Sustainable 

The best universal remote controls in Australia and anywhere else in the world do not just control devices, they make life easier. Leaving to go on an overseas holiday? Press the House off button on your way out the door and feel confident everything is as it should be. Set-up Schedules for your Pool Filter, Automate your lighting, and enjoy your holiday without worrying about returning home to a massive power bill. 

One Device That Rules Them All 

Got yours already? If not, you can count on Sydney City Audio Visual, your trusted AV suppliers in Sydney area.  Call us today to book a consultation and see what we can do for you.