Why You Need a Professional for Home Theatre Installation

You might have tried your hand at Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hacks and came out with pretty good results. Now, you are thinking about taking on bigger projects like setting up your home cinema system. Although you can indeed get away with DIY on the most basic setup, if you wish to have a more advanced and reliable system, you need to call in the big guns – find a professional home theatre installer. But do you really need professionals for home theatre installation?  

The more complex your home cinema system setup is, the more you need help from people who do home theatre setups for a living. Even with basic setups, one simple mishap can spell trouble (and we mean costly damages if you are not careful). Having a professional is essential if you want a more stable setup that won’t lead to costly repairs down the track.  

But the benefits don’t end there. Here are more reasons why you need a professional home theatre installer.  

Mind the Screen Size! 

Bigger is better! Or is it? In the world of home theatre installation, many factors can determine the screen size that is appropriate for you. The size of the room, the allocated budget, the size of the family, and the level of tolerance you have, will all be factored in before choosing a screen.  

Just because the screen covers wall to wall, does not mean it is the best option for you. Maybe the Resolution is wrong, maybe the refresh rate is too low, maybe the brightness isn’t right. One little mistake here could ruin your whole experience. Save your eyes from the nightmare and hire professionals who can advise you on the best possible screens. Professionals are well-versed with the latest deals in the market and will be able to recommend a screen that suits you and your family’s needs perfectly.

Save Time on Research

The thing with DIY home cinema system setup is that it needs a lot of time, research, and a whole lot of patience. If neither one of these is your forte, then call your local professional home theatre providers and enquire. You will save yourself a lot of time pouring over tutorials, manuals and home theatre room designs that may or may not even work for you. Research is great, but nothing beats experience, and unless you’ve had experience in it before, it will most likely feel like taking your very first steps…a little wobbly. For a professional, the process of home theatre installation is just like a walk in the park.  

Skip the Frustration and Stress  

Imagine coming home from a busy day at work only to be welcomed by a hodgepodge of unfinished wiring, cables, and boxes all over what’s supposed to be your entertainment area! You already have a lot on your plate, why add the extra hassle? Home theatres are supposed to take the stress away from us, not add more to it. Aside from saving time, you can also save yourself from all the frustration and stress with a professional installer.  

Professionals Know Things That You (Probably) Don’t 

Sure, you can learn a thing or two by watching online tutorials and other guide posts on the internet. But can you easily translate what you have learned into practical application? Chances are, no. Professionals have these principles down to the tee. Take the following for example:  

They know the principles of design and layout.

A home cinema system is made up of multiple components that complement each other. These components must be arranged in a way that maximises the audience’s viewing experience. All of this boils down to having the right design and layout. Professionals will expertly consider things like placement of windows, room insulation and acoustics, seating space, placement, along with many other factors.  

They can make sure that the sound quality is on-point.

Sound quality is one of the key things that can make or break the audience’s immersion with the movie they are watching. This is a factor that a professional installer would pay close attention to. A professional home theatre technician will recommend devices that can improve your sound based on factors like room size, acoustics, and so on.  

They can handle the cords and wires so you don’t have to.  

Finally, we go to the subject of cords and wires, the bane of DIY’s existence. Some people find a knack at figuring out the wiring and cabling system. But if you are not one of those people who find this side of home theatre installation particularly fun, then turn to professionals for help.  

Calling professionals for a home cinema system setup is not merely because wiring and cables are out of your depth, but it is also a matter of safety and security. Wires that are attached poorly, or wrongly, can be potentially hazardous. In extreme cases, they might even lead to house fires. To be safe, make sure you are getting help only from accredited Home Theatre Installers. Now is the time to do your research. Check their website to see past jobs. Check their social media where the photo’s are raw and un-edited. Professional Audio Visual technicians will love showing off their previous accomplishments. 

Get Continuous Maintenance and Support 

Another plus when working with a professional is you will have continued maintenance and support services after the initial installation. Feel like you need an update? Is your movie watching experience affected by a new glitch? Whenever you hit a bump in the road, which let’s be honest, it will happen from time to time, you will always have someone to lean on for support and get the problem ironed out as quickly as possible. That is if you work with the right provider. This brings us to the next point.  

If you’re too busy for DIY, then give a professional home theatre installer a try.  

With our help, you never have to worry about getting the wiring wrong, or purchasing the wrong  television/projector. If you are ready to ramp up your home movie watching experience, then turn to expert advice from professionals in the industry. Choose professionals who have serviced countless people in their home theatre installation journey, like Sydney City Audio Visual.  

Call the professionals at Sydney City Audio Visual today for quality Home Theatre Installation in Sydney. 

Why You Need a Professional for Home Theatre Installation

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